Microscope with 10x Crossline, 48mm


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This microscope is very modular. The central component is the drawtube with focusing mechanism. The body of the instrument is fitted with a long 1 inch diameter threaded flange which is supplied with a locking ring. The thread allows the microscope to be attached to various Gaertner instruments, such as the precisions cross slides, instrument bases with cross-support arms, among others. The rack and pinions focusing has a range of 38mm. The nominal optical tube length of the microscope is 160mm.

Eyepieces are supplied with matched eyepiece adapter tubes so the optical tube length is maintained when switching eyepieces. The tube adapters are usually fitted with spider cross lines and therefore no attempt should be made to clean them! These microscopes are all fitted with the standard M250-242 adapter tube with 90 degree spider lines. The ocular is a type M242 Ramsden 10x, also standard.

Gaertner objectives are continuously threaded over their entire length (RMS standard thread) and have a locking ring. The continuous thread allows precise adjustment of the magnification ratio of the instrument when using micrometer eyepieces or filar eyepieces. Focal length of the objectives supplied with these instruments is 48mm (Gaertner part number M224).

As outfitted, the instrument has the following characteristics:
� 23x total magnification.
� 67.1mm working distance
� 4.71mm diameter object field

An optional component, the image erecting eyepiece adapter, may be installed instead of the eyepiece adapter tube. Depending on the adapter chosen, the eyepiece angle can be either 60 degrees or 90 degrees from the microscope axis, and an erect image is obtained due to the use of a special roof prism. Due to the extended optical tube length of the prism, the above characteristics would be slightly altered. We have these adapters listed elsewhere.

These microscopes are in near-new condition. They are in perfect mechanical and optical condition. Cosmetically, they show only the slightest traces of use or shelf-wear.

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