Kollmorgen Graduated Borescope Probe, no Ocular

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SKU 904
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 4 in
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OEM Name Kollmorgen

Kollmorgen Borescope, (Electro-Optical Division). Borescope, Measuring Long Probe, Serial number 387.

Rigid probe housing, with right-angle mounted prism in probe tip (side window). Overall length of probe body is 550mm (21 5/8 inches). Distal end of probe is 0.370 inches (for 7.750 inches � steps up to .875 inches in diameter (that portion is 13 inches long, with a conical connection between the two diameters. Large diameter is graduated in inches, with divisions every 0.100 inch.

Right-angle viewing with illumination via fiber optics. Fiber optic armor-clad, with illumination centering puck on distal end. Active bundle diameter is 0.162 inches. Length of fiber optic lead is approximately six feet. Diameter of adapter at fiber bundle end is 1.560 inches.

Magnification adjustment ring marked �magnification factor�, graduated from 1 to 8.5 (with 10 divisions between numbers). Changing this setting seemed not so much to change the magnification but the focus point of the borescope. The borescope is missing the ocular (captive threaded ring is present, but the ocular is missing). Using an ocular from another instrument I determined that the closest focus point is about 4.5 inches away from the side mirror, and by adjusting the ring, I was able to focus to infinity. Therefore this instrument is for looking into cavities � you cannot focus on the wall of a bore that isn�t much larger than the diameter of the probe.

There are two articulating right-angle joints that can be set at any angle and clamped in order to avail oneself of the most comfortable viewing position. There is no ocular included with this instrument.
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