This is an Ealing Large Vertical Travel Stage without any actuator assembly. It has a excursion range of 12mm. The translation platform (160mm square) has an inset 5-inch internal threaded mounting ring that is compatible with the components of the Ealing Research Optical Bench series. Ealing part number for the stage, including a micrometer spindle, is 22-2331. Please note that this stage does not include a micrometer.

Stage width and length 160mm
Stage clear thru bore 3.5 inches
Stage height 35mm
Threaded ring 5 inch 12TPI
Horizontal Load Bearing 22 pounds
Vertical Load Bearing 15 pounds

Stage is in excellent condition just a bit of bleaching in the anodizing on the actuator holder bracket. Motion is perfectly smooth without play.

Location MB 113

Photo set 849

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