This listing includes both an EG&G 1456B UV detector and a companion 1170A controller.. In the detector product matrix tag, there were Xs stamped in the fields 1456, 990, UV, and HQ..

Affixed to the side of the detector housing (hand-written), was a label that had the following calibration data:

250nm 32.7%
300nm 29.7%
350nm 34.0%
400nm 22.9%
500nm 12.0%
550nm 11.9%
830nm 0.8%

Calibration readings taken with the gain set at 7.80:

The detector appears to be in perfect condition, but we do not have the means to test the functionality. We do have the companion EG&G 1170A controller unit with display, but it does not appear to be functional we have no software for the unit, and it may have been looking for a boot disk. In any case, the display remained dormant even when the power LED was on. The controller nameplate lists the model number as 1470A, serial number (C?)710. Two modification badges list the modifications as 386, 387, and 94, but we do not know the significance of these numbers. There is a DB25 connector that is marked detector which looks like it would be compatible with the connector on the detector (also a DB25). No cables were included with either the detector or the controller.

Photo set 807

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