This is a classic Brevete laboratory compound jack, made in France and sold by Klinger as their model EM240 Laboratory Jack. The Klinger model number is 130 021. The jack is symmetrically constructed so either surface may face upwards.

Load capacity 30KgF
Deflection 0.2mm/kg
Travel range 210mm
Weight 8 kg
Platform height range 160mm to 370mm
Platform size (both base and table) 240mm square

The platform is in excellent condition with one notable exception. The table surface has a downward deflection that only affects one corner. The maximum amount of deflection is about 2.6mm at the corner the extent of the affected area is about 60mm long on both edges of the corner (see photos of machinists level placed on both sides of the corner). The rest of the table surface is perfectly flat and remains plane-parallel with the base. A completely flat table surface is afforded by merely inverting the jack.

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