This is a motorized version of the Ealing Large Vertical Travel Stage. It has a excursion range of 12mm. The translation platform (160mm square) has an inset 5-inch internal threaded mounting ring that is compatible with the components of the Ealing Research Optical Bench series. The base is specially designed for the motor compartment it is not merely an add-on to the manual stage. The central housing holds the flex-coupling to the lead screw and cable dress for the drive motor connector. The larger housing on the end of the drive system contains the motor itself.

Stage width and length 160mm
Stage clear thru bore 3.5 inches
Stage height 35mm
Threaded ring 5 inch 12TPI
Horizontal Load Bearing 22 pounds
Vertical Load Bearing 15 pounds

Drive motor is marked BergerLAHR, and 10 84, which I am guessing is the month of manufacture (April 1984). It is also marked RDM 56(4) / 50, and IP 54. It appears that the steps / rev can either be 500 or 1000 (step size = 0.72 degrees / 0.36 degrees).

We were not able to find a reference to this particular unit in any of our Ealing catalogs, but it is most similar to the non-motorized type 23-.

Location MB 70

Photo set 647

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