This item is an HP 10702A Linear Interferometer with one HP 10703A Retroreflector attached. No converter window or second reflector is included. This is the basic interferometer in the 1.5 cube factor. It consists of a polarizing beam-splitter and the corner-cube reflector. One interferometer and one detector are required for each axis in the Hewlett-Packard Laser Interferometer Distance Measurement Apparatus.

The angle of the beam-splitter is not critically set within the cube in order to keep component prices reasonable. For precise positioning it is recommended that the beam-splitter is fixtured using a large leveling base (HP 10711A). These mounts allow for corrections in two directions. Pitch may be adjusted through several degrees about the axis of the mirror component by resetting the cradle position in the base, and yaw may be adjusted using the play in the elongated slots for securing the base. The base of the mount has an open aperture so the beam path may be directed through the base of the fixture.

These components have been removed from various fixtures. They meet our requirements for first quality used interferometer components. All optical surfaces are free of blemishes and there are no gouges or distortions in any of the parts that would in any way impede accuracy of measurements. Cosmetically these components appear only lightly used, if not new. Unlike new components, however, no hardware is included.

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