This is a Leybold Heraus Rotary Vane/Roots Pumping System

This pumping system comes equipped with oil filter pumping system.  The oil has been drained from the pumps,  units were filled with PFPE oil.
  • Rotary vane pump Leybold
    • Model D30AC
    • Catalog No. 898148
    • Serial No. 1286420737
  • Blower Leybold
    • Model WAU251
    • Catalog No. 91721-3
    • Serial No. A881100004
  • Oil Filter System Leybold
    • Part No. 898561
    • Serial No. 1288182319
The system comes with on-board controls including motor starters for both the vane pump and the blower.  There is also an auxliary control box with a NEMA size 0 starter and Start/Stop station. The system has a broken circuit breaker on the right side of the main control paanel.  The system is wired for 230 Volts, 3 Phase operation.

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