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Used optical tables and optical breadboards for sale. We specialize in pre-owned optical tables that rival new performance with our decades of experience locating quality optical tables. An optical table provides a surface used to support systems for engineering and optics experiments. It is essential that the surfaces are rigid so that the alignment of optical elements is kept stable over time. Vibration is among the main effects to control. To keep vibrations from changing the relative position of optical elements, the optical tables have a stiff structure and effective vibration damping features. The surface of the table is typically stainless steel with grid of threaded holes. Used Optical Tables, Laser Tables and Surplus Optical Breadboards are useful in education, research and development. Our inventory is updated daily and includes Newport Research, Thorlabs, TMC, Oriel, Kinetic Systems, and Melles Griot for sale. All of our Optical Table and Breadboard inventory is in stock and ready to ship. BMI Surplus is the source that many of the major research institutions and corporations around the country have come to rely on for used optical tables of good value and high quality for optics requiring rigid support and vibration isolation.

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