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We have a large “ready to ship” inventory of discounted, new and used Optics Mounts. Our used  inventory includes optical mounts, fixtures, gimbals & goniometers, lens holders, optic mirror mounts, optic lenses, rotary optic mounts, optical bench carriers & rails, optical lenses, kinematic and tilting optical mounts. The list of what we carry in terms of Optical Mounts & Fixture equipment is enormous. Our huge inventory is updated daily and includes surplus new & used Optical Mounts & Optical Fixtures from high end manufacturers that include; Newport, XYZ Stage, Thorlabs, Daedal, Aeorotech, Perkin Elmer, Melles Griot,  Klinger & Oriel. BMI also offers used laser tables & optical tables of good value and high quality for setups requiring rigid support and vibration isolation. We specialize in used optical equipment that rivals new in performance. With decades of experience locating quality used optical equipment in excellent condition our inventory has a variety to choose from.  BMI Surplus is the source for optical mounts many of the major universities, research institutions and corporations around the country have come to rely on.

Check out this Oriel 17701 2 in. Gimbal Mirror Mount and Laser Mirror for sale at BMI Surplus.

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