BMI Surplus Clearance

BMI Surplus Clearance

**updated 7/14/2017 New Pricing!



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 Sloan Corp. Evaporator SL-2800 Vacuum Chamber System *SKU JB0030 New Price $8230.00


Roadcases and Storage Cases for sale *SKU #57046 Make an Offer


  Amray 1880 FE Scanning Electron Microscope   *SKU #17535 New Price $15,000.00


Amray Inc 1610 Scanning Electron Microscope *SKU 16877 New Price $900.00


Olympus BX41 LED Microscope Custom Imaging System *SKU #56819  New Price $2195.00


SEM Model LK-1 Shredder with Oiler System   *SKU 58132 New Price $875.00


Security Engineered Machinery SEM 2226 Paper Shredder *SKU  #31124 New Price $450.00


Apple A1081 20 Inch LCD Monitor Cinema Display *SKU #19912 New Price $99.00


Seven Associates T-510MS Trim Saw *SKU 46776  New Price $795.00


Newport Breadboard Optical Table 2ft. x 3 ft. x 2 in. *SKU #10955  New Price $770.00


Anamorphic Laser Beam Prism Pair 2.2x  Mounted *SKU #21448  New Price $285.00


HP Agilent 8175A Digital Signal Generator  *SKU #16950  New Price $190.00


Omnichrome HeCd Helium-Cadium Laser 4056-14R *SKU #15622 New Price $150.00


Gaertner Scientific 100mm Mirror Mount *SKU #DP332  New Price $180.00


Olympus SZH StereoZoom Microscope *SKU #34921 New Price $1350.00


Wild Heerbrugg StereoZoom Microscope *SKU #34917 New Price $650.00


***Lighted Drafting Table with StereoZoom Microscope *SKU #56866 New Price $420.00


Polaroid Spectra System Camera *SKU #30730 Price $50.00


Actel Silicon Sculptor II Package FP-Actel-II  *SKU  #16194 Price $700.00


AEL APX-1108 Antenna Disk *SKU #17961 Price $635.00


Zinc Selenide ZnSe Lot *SKU #37196   Price $175.00


Stantron Electronics Cabinet  *SKU #20019  Price $250.00


Young 05305VM Wind Monitor AQ with Voltage Outputs *SKU #33820 Price $95.00 each


Sun Oracle Sun Ray 3 Client 380-1634-01  *SKU  #58218  Price $175.00


Hunt Seal iT-600S 61 Inch Vinyl Laminator *SKU  #33839  NEW Price $4700.00


CO2 Laser Spectra-Physics 820 *SKU  #JS0078 Price $1800.00


HP C4154A Color LaserJet Transfer Kit  *SKU  #18542 Price $150.00


Olympus Tilt and Extend Microscope Head U-TTBI for BX series *SKU #56840 Price $925.00


Precision Attenuator Set Weinschel AS-1 *SKU# 37359  Price $300.00


Tektronix Inc TEK 7104 Oscilloscope   *SKU  #20485  Price $150.00


Olympus BH2 Microscope with Epi Illuminator and Brightfield Darkfield Slider  *SKU #53257   Price $2900.00


Unitron Toolmakers Microscope Large *SKU #12150 Price $1450.00


Olympus Microscope Objective 40X Plan UIS2 for BX CX *SKU # 56615 Price $195.00


Olympus DIC Microscope Nosepiece Turret w extras  *SKU 55783 Price $1350.00


Bausch & Lomb MicroZoom II Modular Microscope *SKU 32237 Price $780.00


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