Space Simulation Thermal Vacuum Chamber over 22 ' long. This Space Chamber is used and in Excellent Condition!

The stainless steel Thermal Space Simulation Chamber was manufactured by Chicago Bridge and Iron Works. The vacuum chamber and ancillary parts were removed from a hi-tech aerospace research company where it was used for testing large items under space conditions. It was specially designed with a horseshoe shape (flat bottom) to allow for legal road transport.


All major Vacuum components are included.
- Large Hinged Door in front - swings 110 degrees, vibration isolated when closed
- Personnel door 3 ' 6" wide X 6' high in rear.
- Internal Chamber Dimensions: 12'-4" Wide X 22'-6" Long
- Internal Shroud Dimensions: 129" at Widest X 118" High X 20'-6" Deep (to rear Chevron wall)
- Doors and chamber shell are of 304L stainless steel, 3/4" wall thickness
- Full Thermal Shrouds - sliding shroud door on chevron wall
- (2) 35" Cryo pumps w/ball screw activated gate valves 25,000 LPS designed to achieve an ultimate pressure of 2 times ten to the minus seven torr, and to maintain 2 times ten to the minus five torr with a 0.5 TLS inleak (Additional capacity for 3rd 35" Cryo pump)
- plus a Turbo Molecular pump 500 l/s Balzers
-LN2 Blower and related switchgear included
- Package Pumping System includes Roughing Pumps, blower and nitrogen systems
- Skid Package-Ruvac WAU-2000 on an S series, Leybold S 400F Vacuum Roughing
- Isolation Vibration - chamber and fittings are designed to be fully isolated from floor while in use
- Includes Railcar (Wolverine Brass casting), portable gantry, and more
Operating Temperature: + / - 180F
Shroud (Design Temperature): -320F / +300F
Power Requirements: 480 VAC, 600 AMP, 3 Phase
The installed I/O ports will allow for many hundreds of connections to be made.
We also include in the offering a large electrical switch system that was used with the chamber.
Nitrogen connections have been sealed and all electrical connections have been marked for easy re-installation. Please note that the interior of this unit is clean. Only air has been inside.
Original drawings and manuals are included, eleven volumes in all.
This system was professionally uninstalled, professionally rigged, and transported - It is offered complete (less electronics) and ready for transport to your facility from our heated, New Jersey warehouse. This chamber is available immediately and ready for pick-up.
There are 2 truckloads of equipment included to be shipped with the chamber.

We will be happy to help facilitate the move to your location.
Although this information is believed to be correct, all dimensions, capabilities, model numbers, quantities and other data should be verified by prospective purchaser prior to any purchase.

If you are interested in and have questions about this spectacular Vacuum Chamber give us a call at 781-871-8868. We'll be happy to talk to you!

2.1.1 Vacuum Chamber Design
The vacuum chamber is horizontal, horseshoe shaped with a flat bottom. The straight shell length is 22' 6" and the inside radius of the cylindrical section is 6' 2". The vertical height from chamber floor to chamber ceiling is 11' 8". The width of the flat floor of the chamber is 9'. The chamber shell head and door are 304 L stainless steel with a number 4 finish. Welds on the interior of the chamber exposed to vacuum are finished with a smooth TIG wash pass. Chamber stiffeners are carbon steel.

The chamber is designed for internal pressures of full vacuum and 5 inches of water pressure and is built in accordance with ASME, Section VIII, Division1. The minimum natural frequency of the chamber has been designed to be 50 hertz. The ports for the cryopumps and turbomolecular pump are located in the permanently attached fixed head. The other end of the chamber has a full opening door.

2.1.2 Chamber Ports
The flowing ports are provided on the chamber. Buta-N O-Rings or metal conflate flanges are provided for all the ports except the full opening front hinged door which has a viton O-Ring.

(3) 35" Fixed Head -Cryopumps ( in actuality there are only two.)
(1) 10"/4" Shell - Roughing Pump / Purge
(12) 12" Shell - View Port/ Instrumentation
(1) 12" Front Door - View Port / Instrumentation
(1) 12" Personnel Door - View Port/Instrumentation
(2) 3" Shell - GN2 Thermal
(5) 3" Shell - LN2 / GN2 Thermal
(1) 8" Shell - Instrumentation
(1) 4" Fixed Head - Repressure/ Purge
(1) 4" Shell - Repressure Purge
(1) 6" Fixed Head - Turbopump
(2) 2" Front Door - LN2/GN2 Thermal
(1) 3" Shell - Electrical
(1) 1 " Shell - RGA

2.1.3 Chamber Hard Points
Ten hard points are provided on the chamber floor. Each hard point is capable of supporting a 2,000-lb. vertical or horizontal load. Each is a 6" X 6" X 1" plate with four tapped holes. The hard points are spaced at 4 foot intervals.

There are also ten hard points located in the chamber ceiling. Each hard point can support 2,000 pounds vertical or horizontal load with a maximum combined weight of all vertical hard points of 4,000 pounds. The ten hard points are located directly above the floor hard point and constructed the same as the floor hard points.

2.1.4 Shroud Connections and Support
The shroud and chamber have been designed to allow for removal of the shroud after installation. All shroud inlet and outlet connections are metal sealed conflat flanges located in annular space between the shroud and chamber shell. Cut outs in the shrouds with removable covers are provided to allow access to the connections.

The chevron shroud in the fixed end of the chamber is supported at the base by V shaped channels attached to the chamber ceiling. The four center shroud sections are self-supporting and are equipped with wheels to allow ease of moving in and out of chamber. The full opening door shroud is supported by two brackets from the door.

2.1.5 Chamber Door GN2 Latches
Three pneumatic GN2 door latch cylinders are provided to seat and compress the door O-ring after the chamber door has been closed. Each cylinder has a 6" bore and a 12" stroke operated with 100 psig GN2.

The cylinders are mounted on the door flange above the door. They are actuated from a local panel located in the clean room and are provided with control panel mounted light to indicate when they are disengaged.

2.1.6 Chamber Door Opening System
The chamber is provided with a full opening door that will swing open 110 degrees. Vacuum jacketed flex hoses attached LN2/GN2 lines for the door shroud to the door. This allows the door to be opened or closed without having to detach the LN2/GN2 lines. A control panel mounted light indicates if the door is in the open or closed position.
The door is open and closed manually using one or two personnel. Two hinges attach the door to the chamber. Sealed bearings for the hinges minimize clean room contamination.
In addition to the hinges, the door is supported by a wheel that rides on a floor mounted rail. (Rail not included). Once the door is in the closed position, a manually operated screw jack attached to the door and wheel can lift the wheel.

Please don't hesitate to give s a call to discuss this chamber at 781-871-8868.

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