Christie Digital ILS Lens 1.25-1.6:1 SX+ / 1.16-1.49:1 HD 0.95" 3-Chip DLP

M-Series Pre-Calibrated encoded stepper motorized intelligent lens system.

HD/WU Throw Ratio: 1.16-1.49:1
HD/WU Vertical Offset: 120%
HD/WU Horizontal Offset: 42%
HD/WU Screen Width: 74" - 502" (188cm - 1275cm)

SXGA+ Throw Ratio: 1.25-1.6:1
SXGA+ Vertical Offset: 100%
SXGA+ Horizontal Offset: 50%
SXGA+ Screen Width:69" - 466" (175cm - 1184cm)

Manufacturer Page:

Condition Notes:
- Small amount of missing anodize/part and small scratches on metal body, most likely from moving in and out of projector.
- Large (Front) Lens Exteriors have small amount of dust.
- Small (Back) Lens Exteriors needs moderate amount of cleaning, no visible damage.
- SN: AODN323A00142 Plastic alignment pin for electronics/motor connector is loose/bent on one side, will bend back to its original position.

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