This is a Anfatec eLockedIn 204/2 Amplifier..
4-phase DSP lock-in amplifier

Unit powers on and completes self test. Fan quiet.
Unit tested O.K. with signal and noise generator.
Specifications from manufacturers website:

The eLockIn model 204 is a versatile scientific instrument that supports the following
LockIn Amplifier
Digital Oscilloscope
Spectrum Analyzer
Data Acquisition

Digital Quad(1)-Phase Lock-In Amplifier
Dynamic Reserve > 135 dB (1)
Noise < 6 nVrms/Hz0.5 @100kHz (1)
Remote Control(1) Ethernet
Time Constants 0.1 ms ... 1 ks (1)
Sensitivity 10 nV ... 10 V
Phase Resolution 0.001
Signal Input
Voltage Input BNC
Input Coupling DC or AC (f3dB=2Hz)
Input Impedance 1 M || 10 pF
Damage Threshold +/- 12 V
Bandwidth dc to 1 MHz (f3dB>1 MHz)
Full Scale Input Ranges 5 V, 500 mV, 50 mV (1)
Input Noise: Uac = 0 V, 50 @ input
@ 100 kHz, high dynamic < 300 nVrms/Hz0.5 (1)
@ 100 kHz, normal dynamic < 50 nVrms/Hz0.5 (1)
@ 100 kHz, low dynamic < 6 nVrms/Hz0.5 (1)
Roll-Off 6 dB/oct, 12 dB/oct, 24 dB/oct
Time Constants 0.1 ms to 1 ks in1-2-5 steps (1)
or in Sync-Mode:
1/f to 200/f in 1-2-5 steps
Gain Deviations between Dynamic Ranges: < 5 %

Manual available online provided by Antatec at

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