Olympus 40X Plan Microscope objective.
Cleaned and checked by a microscope technician. Rated very good to excellent.
The newer UIS2 series offers improved performance.
This objective fits Olympus BX and CX series microscopes.
Part 1-U2B227 - Plan N
This infinity-corrected objective, imaging, visible microscope objective provides 40X magnification. It has high numerical apertures (NA) and large magnifications and is suitable for focusing or collimating laser light. This Olympus objective is ideal for imaging applications due to its diffraction-limited performance across the visible spectrum. It may also be used to focus light to a diffraction-limited spot, enabling efficient coupling of broadband or monochromatic light into a waveguide or fiber.
It features Plan Achromat Design that is ideal for Air Application & has Infinity Corrected Design. Ideal for Imaging or focusing laser light. They are flat field and aberration corrected at two different wavelengths in the visible spectrum, leading to better spherical and chromatic corrections and superb field flatness. This achromatic objective has an ultra wide antireflection coating and standard RMS threading RMS (0.800"-36) Thread.

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