Ultra Series Lamp Pumped ND:YAG IR Laser made by Big Sky Laser/Quantel

1064nm 50mJ >6ns pulses at up to 20Hz

Laser Opperating at our facility:

Ultra Head: 2" (51mm) x 3" (76mm) x 8" (203mm)
Ultra ICE (Integrated Colling and Electronics): 15.2"(386mm) x 7.5"(190mm) x 14.6"(371mm) @ 29lbs(13kg)

Flashlamp Lifetime: >20Million Shots (Current: 353K)

Applications: Micromachining, Micromanufacturing, Ablation, LIF, LIBS, PIV, Ti:Sa pumping, Illumination, Rangefinding & Remote Sensing

This unit is very rugged, extremely compact and portable. It is easy to use out in the field, with turnkey operation, and easy to transport, with quickly disconnecting coolant and power umbilicals. Variable rep rate, power, q-switching, and more with RS-232 controls.

The Quantel Corporation is still manufacturing the Ultra series. Manuals, accessories and replacement parts are currently still available through their website.

Accessories can give the following outputs:
1574 nm 4 ns 15 mJ
1064 nm 6 ns 75 mJ
532 nm 6 ns 45 mJ
355 nm 5ns 20 mJ
266 nm 5ns 15 mJ

This unit came into BMI as a barely used working unit as evidenced by the lamp shot count.

The cooling needs deionized water to work properly. If storing for long periods of time make sure to thoroughly drain cooling fluid.

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