This is an AMX NI-4000 NetLinx Integrated Controller

This unit has a FG2024 NXC-VOL4 volume card in slot 1, serial # 2024S2340577

This unit came from a working environment but has not been tested

Manufacturer Description

The NI-4000 is geared to meet the high-end control and automation requirements within the most sophisticated and complex commercial and residential installations. This solution is engineered with the same number of ports and relays as the NI-3000, plus four NetLinx Control Card slots in order to achieve a superior level of built-in control and automation functionality.

The NI-4000 integrates the largest amount of electronics such as VCR and DVD players, projectors, projection screens, lights, HVAC systems, security cameras and more. In technology intensive environments, this solution can be used to anticipate the future addition of devices and control capabilities.

For businesses experiencing rapid growth and homes looking for greater flexibility and customization, the NI-4000 includes the perfect "mix" of compatible control formats:

8 IR ports
8 I/O
8 Relays
7 RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 Serial ports
3 Communication Networks: ICSNet, AxLink and Ethernet (TCP/IP)
4 NetLinx Control Card Expansion slots that support all NXC control cards

Powerful built-in multiport control
Easy-to-understand control architecture
Ultra-fast processing. Intelligent and reliable networking
Robust 32MB of memory, plus expandable 32MB CompactFlash
900 mA @ 12 VDC

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