This is a Photodyne 1500XP Optical Waveform Analyzer

This unit came from a working environment, powers on, but has not been tested further

Manufacturer Description

The Model 1500XP converts optical power signals from LED's, lasers, and fiber optic cable into electrical output signals.
The spectral response is from 500nm to lOOOnm.
The output BNC connector of the 1500XP can be plugged directly into your oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, or digital volt meter.
Therefore, all electronic equipment can now be used for fiber optic measurements.
The voltage waveforms displayed by such equipment are then directly calibrated in optical power units: watts, milliwatts, microwatts.
Frequency response is flat from DC to 200 MHz, with a minimum 2 nanosecond rise/fall time.

The 1500XP is totally self-contained and calibrated in conversion units: millivolts out per microwatt in over 4 pushbutton selectable ranges - 1, 10, 100, 1000 millivolts per microwatt.
Internal batteries provide a minimum noise environment plug field portability.
An external, plug-in AC power supply provides for continuous lab operation.

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