This is a NRC Research Series Plus High Performance Sealed Hole Table 6' x 1.5' x 18" LWH Modular Section.

Sealed Hole Table Top with Tuned Damping.
Damped work surface eliminates skin resonance.
Damped composite edge finish eliminates sidewall resonance
Constrained layer core damping attenuates broadband vibration
Core Design- Trussed honeycomb, vertically bonded closed cell construction. Steel sheet materials, triple core interface
Broadband Damping-Constrained layer core, damped working surface with composite edge finish.
Hole/Core Sealing- Easy clean conical cup. Non-corrosive, high impact polymer material.
Integrated Broadband Damping, Vertically Bonded Trussed Core. Truss bridges honeycomb cell increases stiffness to weight ratio of the table. Vertical bonding of core increases static rigidity. Triple core interface increases point loading capability.
This is one section of a modular U shape set up see related products.
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A base can be purchased separately from our selection of static or active vibration isolation support options. Add an optical mount, mirror mount, xyz stage, or linear actuator to enhance your optical table setup.

This optical table paired with one of our vibration isolation systems will greatly assist with having the most stable and disturbance-free work space possible.
Add an optical mount, mirror mount, xyz stage, or linear actuator to enhance your optical table setup.

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