Huntington MFRL-275-6 SPL Motorized Rotary Feedthrough with positioner tube and bellows
- Sealing Mechanism: Welded Bellows Maximum Torque: 350 oz. in.
- Material Exposed to Vacuum: Stainless Steel Maximum Speed: 500 rpm
- Standard Mounting: 2.75 inch Vac-U-Flat
- Flange Motorized Accuracy: 51,200 microsteps/revolution
- Bakeout Temperature: 200o C (with motor removed) using MLC Series Controller
- Operating Temperature: -20 to 80o C Stepper Motor: 1.8 full step
- Pressure Range: ATM to 1 x 10-11Torr
This unit came from a working environment but has not been tested, call us for more information.

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