TMC 78 Series Optical Table 4' x 8' x 12 inch. Top ONLY. Legs and bases both static and self leveling are in the Optical Table Legs category.
3/16" plates, Damping Level Max..
Smooth surface. Legs and bases are available at
This table has four holes for 7/16 bolt. 36" x 40" & 36" x 49" pattern.
Also six more holes for 7/16 bolt. 8" x 20" pattern (see photo) no holes on a one inch grid
Some of the siding is pealing off. (see photo). This optical table paired with one of our vibration isolation systems will greatly assist with having the most stable and disturbance-free work space possible.

Add an optical mount, mirror mount, xyz stage, or linear actuator to enhance your optical table setup.

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