This Spex 1691 Fluorolog System Spectrofluorometer includes the following parts:

- Spex Fluorolog P/N 1691 (S/N 2169)
- Spex Monochrometer P/N 1680B (S/N 1082, 1083)
- Spex ELXE 500W Power Supply P/N ELXE 500-0424 (S/N 8J3-1183)
- Products For Research Photomultiplier Tube housing
- Products for Research Power Supply P/N TE104RF-002 (S/N 10979-83-18)
- VWR Coolant Circulator P/N 1162 (S/N 604153)
- Oriel Ozone Eater P/N 66081 (S/N 439)
- Spex DC Acquisition Module P/N DM303 (S/N 569)
- Spex DC Acquisition Module P/N DM302 (S/N 1052)
- Additional lamps included
- Computer and keybord (Note: The Computer is working and the Spex software is installed.)
- Spex dm3000 Software and manual
- All cords and cables included
- Additional Misc. parts included

Please note the Lab desk is not included in this purchase

This unit came from a working environment but we do not know how to test it. Please call for more information.

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