This Zeiss 47 50 52 - 9901 Stereo Zoom Microscope - High quality fixed Magnification Stereo Microscope.
- Camera port included
- Inspected and Rated good condition by a qualified microscope technician
- Two knob covers missing on one side, with some deformation of two knobs on one side - knobs work fine.
II. Accessories
- Eyepieces: Good - W10X/25 (Eyepieces have minor blemishes). Adjustable 10X Eyepiece w/Photo Reticule.
- Fixed Magnification Stereo Microscope with the following magnifications: 8X, 12X, 20X, 32X, 50X
- Auxiliary 47 50 70 spacer
- Working distance approximately 3.6 inches, spool show for scale only, not included with microscope.

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