This item is a superb condition American Optical StereoStar Zoom Microscope. The model number is 580 TX. It also comes with the manual shutter assembly installed (model 685). The zoom system has a range of 1x to 6x. With standard AO 10x widefield oculars (type 145, or 1145 when paired) the field of view ranges from 3.33 to 20 mm.
Also an integral part of the microscope is the type 583 coaxial illuminator attachment. This attachment is complete with a 6v 20 halogen lamp socket (but does not include a transformer). The attachment fully fills the field of view with brightfield reflected light illumination in the range of 1.5x to 6x - it is not designed to work at the lowest magnification range when using 10x oculars. If you switch to 15x or higher eyepieces, then the coaxial illuminator works throughout the range. The illuminator has a four-position filter turret built in.
The shutter for the camera system is a bit sluggish on the slower speeds - at the 1/2 second and 1 second settings, it will sometimes remain open for considerably longer than indicated. The low-speed governor is obviously in need of cleaning. The shutter blades look very clean, and the faster speeds seem responsive. Most likely, this port would be used for a CCD camera anyway, and no shutter would be needed. Simply set to T and leave it open.
The pod is in very fine cosmetic condition - a few very minor chips in the paint on the prism housing (seen in the first photo) and a couple of scuffs on the bottom of the zoom housing (last photo) - otherwise it is near mint. The optics are flawless throughout - no scratches or coating damage on the objectives, and all surfaces free of haze. The zoom mechanism works properly, as does the camera attachment relay system. Alignment is very fine, and image stays well in focus as the instrument is zoomed throughout the range.
The pod does NOT include stand, oculars, transformer for the coaxial illuminator, or additional camera components. This auction is only for the pod with the manual camera shutter relay system and coaxial illuminator as depicted in the photographs.

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