This is a standard condenser fork as furnished with the Leitz Ortholux 2 and Leitz Orthoplan microscope stands. These stands featured interchangeable stages, the carriers of which were fitted with a dovetail for reception of the condenser carrier when transmitted light was employed.

The condenser carrier has a rack & pinion focus drive with a limit stop to prevent the condenser from dropping away from the pinion. There is a small clamp screw for the dovetail ledge that attaches the assembly to the stage carrier.

These condenser carriers will physically fit into the dovetail guides on the earlier Ortholux I stage carriers, and the optic axis is in the correct position. However, the shaft for the condenser focus knob is much longer on this carrier and it will strike the edge of the Ortholux base if the stage is lowered too far. The correct Ortholux I condenser carrier knob is very short allowing it to drop into the recess in the foot of the stand.

The carrier is in superb condition. The lubricant, which had dried up, has been cleaned and new Leitz lubricant applied

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