Ocean Optics S2000 Fiber Optics Spectrometer with UV / VIS 400um Fiber.

Grating#: 02, UV-VIS, 600/mm, 300nm Blaze
Filter: None
Slit: 25micron.

This Ocean Optics S2000 fiber optic spectrometer was, until very recently, their top-of-the-line offering. This is a very compact unit with a built-in asymmetric crossed Czerny-Turner monochromator of 42mm focal length for the input and 68mm for the output. It uses an SMA 905 connector for fiber coupling. The detector os a Sony 2048-pixel ILX511 CCD. This unit appears to be configured with a 25 micron slit which yields a nominal resolution of 4.2 pixels. The grating is marked as being type '02' with a starting wavelength of 200nm. This grating extends to approximately 800nm with a groove density of 600 lines / mm. Nominal (best efficiency, >30%) extends from 250 to 800nm...

Control of the monochromator is via an A/D converter to be installed in a PC. This component is NOT included with the spectrometer but is readily available from Ocean Optics. The interface cable between the spectrometer and the converter is present and included. The OOIBase32 software is not present..

In addition to the interface cable, an Ocean Optics silica fiber optic cable is included. It is of the standard 2 meter length, and is optimized for the UV / VIS range (white band on termination), and has a core diameter of 400 microns (red band).

We were unable to test the functionality of the spectrometer, not having the A/D converter or the software. Cosmetically it is in near-perfect condition.

Photo set 2150.

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