American Optical (AO) Series 10 Microscope with DIC Epi-Illumination and Trinocular Tube...

Classic American Optical Series 10 that is equipped with the very scarce incident light Nomarski interference contrast equipment. The stand includes the special vertical illuminator with the filter turret that contains an analyzer, daylight blue filter, diffusion disk, and dense green filter. A lever on the illumination tube flips in a polarizer that is properly oriented with respect to the analyzer in the turret. The illuminator is provided with fully adjustable field and aperture diaphragms and a tungsten lamp with continuously regulating transformer.

The nosepiece of the microscope is a special version that holds sliders with Wollaston prisms matched to the various objectives. Please note that only the slider for the 20x objective is included the others were not present. The Wollaston prism slide contains a long wedge Wollaston and an open position for normal observations in bright field (or crossed polarized light). When the prism is engaged, a graduated knob on the opposite side of the slide moves the prism so that the background color may be selected. The prism travel goes from a first-order red one side of the extinction position to just shy of the second order red on the opposite side. While the prism is intended for use with the special infinity strain-free optics, the single objective that was installed on this instrument was a Nikon U20. This is a special strain-free optic that was designed for use with the Nikon universal rotating stage after Federow. It is not parfocal with the American Optical objectives, but since it is the only one installed, that isn't an issue. Surprisingly, the image it yields is exceptionally flat, and the Wollaston prism works perfectly with the lens. Extinction is uniform across the entire field when the prism is set at the zero order (black background). The oculars are Bausch & Lomb 10x wide-field high-eyepoint, type 31-15-71.

The viewing head is a trinocular type with a port for a photo tube. It includes the photo tube eyepiece adapter, an American Optical 15x ocular, and a rubber light excluding collar for use with independently mounted camera systems.

The XY mechanical stage includes a standard slide holder arrangement. The stage is ungraduated. Its height may quickly be adjusted through a large range and clamped using a lever on the side of the stage. The stage remains stationary during specimen focusing only the nosepiece with the objectives and Nomarski prism move.

No transmitted light equipment is supplied. The condenser fork and the pinion drive for focusing the condenser have both been removed from the substage.

The entire microscope has been completely rebuilt and is in near-perfect condition. Optically, everything is perfect no blemishes in any of the elements and everything is aligned. Cosmetically, there are a few minor scratches in surface of the stage, but the rest of the instrument is in exceptional condition.

NOTE: Shown with lamp socket - socket is missing presently.,

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