This is a very nice Rodenstock Ysaron 127mm photographic lens mounted in an 82mm square lens board as supplied with the Polaroid MP-3 process camera systems. The shutter is a German Prontor Press type #1 rim-set shutter, with speeds ranging from 1 second to 1/125 second plus 'B; There are two cable release bosses. One will operate the shutter using the built-in timing mechanism, the other will open the leaves for photo composition. The shutter is self-cocking. Also built into the shutter is an iris diaphragm that is graduated from f 4.7 to f 45. All functions of the shutter work flawlessly no hiccups on any of the slow speeds so often found on Prontor shutters after this length of time.

The lens is also in perfect optical condition no flaws in the coatings, and no trace of separation in the elements. Serial number of the lens is 6 036 253. the lens board could pass for unused just a couple of tiny nicks in the shutter retaining ring on the back (see photos).

Photo set 2118.

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