Bausch & Lomb EM-14 Dynazoom Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope with Trivert Illuminator
-Used Excellent Condition!!

This is a wonderful example of a classic Bausch & Lomb Dynazoom microscope that is adapted for the examination of thicker opaque materials. The stand has been slightly modified by the addition of a spacer block which raises the limb about an inch higher from the base. The stage carrier has been modified so the stage sits a similar distance further from the viewing head, thus providing extra room for the vertical illuminator assembly.

These microscopes are very modular, so it is helpful to state how they are configured. The stand itself features a low-set coaxial coarse and fine adjustment mechanism that is comfortable to use with the hands resting on the table surface. The XY mechanical stage has low-set coaxial control knobs and a pair of removable specimen holders for an unobstructed stage surface. The stage has the rack & pinion substage assembly that is provided with an Abbe condenser with aperture iris.

The base of the stand includes an optional hi-intensity illumination housing with a lamp socket. This housing has a centerable field iris diaphragm with built-in filter recess. There is no transformer for the transmitted light illumination, it will need to be sourced elsewhere.

The stand is provided with the most elaborate version of the many tubes that were available for this instrument. This microscope tube has binocular observation and a control knob to switch the light path into a port on the top of the tube. It also features a 1x to 2x continuous zoom mechanism that operates in both the photo and binocular ports. The zoom knob is graduated. The microscope pod may be turned through 180 degrees so the limb of the stand may either be away from or close to the observer (the vertical illuminator prevents continuous rotation). A pair of B&L 10x wide field oculars is supplied as is a photo-port adapter collar. This collar would be used with various shutter housings that Bausch & Lomb manufactured for their camera systems. No cameras are included.

The vertical illuminator is the most elaborate of the several Bausch & Lomb provided for the Dynazoom. Called the 'Trivert', it has provisions for bright field, dark field, and (when so optioned) polarized light. Please note that no polarized light accessories are included with the equipment! The illuminator has separate field and aperture diaphragms and a slot for receiving filters. A pre-centered GE 1630 lamp provides more-than-adequate light intensity. The lamp includes a Jeffey transformer with continuously regulating transformer. A selector knob next to the beam-splitter swings in a central stop for observations in dark field (field and aperture diaphragms must be fully opened).

The base of the illuminator carries a quadruple nosepiece positioned away from the observer allowing better viewing of the specimen. The objectives are all of a special version with annular lucite collector lenses for the dark field illumination. The objective threads are actually turned into the lucite eliminating the need for a special large-thread objective all threads are standard RMS 20mm. The four 215mm tubelength objectives include:

8x / 0.20 working distance 0.530 inches, largest field-of-view 0.093 inches
10x / 0.25 working distance 0.390 inches, largest field-of-view 0.073 inches
20x / 0.40 working distance 0.035 inches, largest field-of-view 0.036 inches
40x / 0.65 working distance 0.030 inches, largest field-of-view 0.018 inches

The stand is in near-flawless condition cosmetically. The microscope body has been completely rebuilt so the binocular portion interpupillary system works smoothly as well as the zoom mechanism and the viewing port selector. Binocular alignment was touched up so both eyepieces are perfectly coincident. Regarding mechanical condition, the fine focus adjustment is fully functional and turns easily, but feels a bit 'dry'. The coarse adjustment works very smoothly. Both stage controls work smoothly. The only optical 'issues' are the alignment of the diaphragms in the Trivert illuminator. Unless one slightly stops down the field diaphragm (still outside the viewing field, however), there is an annoying halo that appears during dark field observations. This halo is also present in bright field but is less obvious. Slightly stopping down the field diaphragm appears to block this spurious illumination. The objectives are not perfectly parfocal. However, the microscope works well the way it sits. All optical surfaces are in perfect condition.

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