American Optical (branded Reichert) EpiStar materials inspection microscope. It includes the EpiStar stand along with a trinocular observation tube.

The Model 1860 Industrial Microscope stand has a very large yoke and is able to accommodate stages with up to 6 by 6 inches of travel. The stage is rigidly clamped to the microscope base and does not move during focusing. Instead, the nosepiece carrying the objectives is the only part that moves. The infinity corrected optics of the system allow moving the objectives relative to the rest of the stand without any loss in optical corrections.

The stand has a special super-long-life 20w halogen lamp (life rated at 10,000 hours) that is situated at the back of the stand. A filter turret has four positions one open, one diffusion disk, a daylight blue filter, and a strong green filter. A fully adjustable field iris is situated just forward of the filter turret.. The illumination train has a swing-out beam-splitter used for brightfield vertical illumination. When swung to one side using the lever on the right side of the microscope, the illumination flux is directed to an annular mirror just above the revolving nosepiece. The nosepiece will accommodate five objectives using RMS threads. The continuously regulating transformer is built into the base of the stand.

The stand includes a trinocular microscope tube, type 1103. This tube is a Seidentoph arrangement so tube length remains constant no matter what the setting of the interpupillary distance. A lever switches the image between the binocular and the phototube port. It is also possible to mount an optional image erection tube (type 3002) between the microscope stand and the observation tube. This tube is not included but is available as a separate item on our website..

The stand and tube are in excellent condition and fully functional. Please note that the microscope does not include the stage, stage mounting bracket, or any optics. Please check our website for availability of these items.

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