Leitz Filter 513-828 Cube I-3 for Ploem Fluorescence Illuminators..

This is an I3 fluorescence filter cube with a set of filters that are specific to FITC. The dichroic has a split at approximately 510nm. The excitation filter consists of a broad-band blue exciter with very sharp cutoff at 495nm, and a blue absorbing filter to narrow the band pass to between 455nm and 495nm. The barrier filter is a long-pass at 510nm. The presence of the blue absorbing filter helps suppress auto-fluorescence and increases the signal-to-noise ratio..

The cube has a vertical dovetail for mounting in the fluorescence vertical illuminator that is identical to that found on the earlier version Leitz filter cubes, however the profile of the cube is narrower, and the cube lacks the registration pin used to fix the height of the dichroic when mounted in the illuminator. I am not sure which instruments the cube fits please refer to the photos.

The cube is in excellent condition. There is an identification number painted on the side of the housing. The filters appear to be free of blemishes.

Photo set 1923

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