This is a Semprex large-travel microscope stage that has been adapted to a stage carrier for a Leitz Orthoplan (or Ortholux 2) microscope. The stage features an excursion range of 4.25 inches in both the X and Y directions (ungraduated). The entire top plate moves so the sample does not ride back and forth on the upper plate. The stage has a glass insert so it may be used with transmitted light applications throughout the range of motion. The glass plate is about 2.5mm thick, so the substage condenser should have at least a 4mm working distance upper element (the L4 type 005 element as used with the type 600 condenser base). The stage carrier has a dovetail to accept a condenser carrier, but neither the condenser carrier or condenser are included.

The Semprex stage features a very innovative drive system. There are no rack & pinion assemblies. Instead, each axis is supplied with a tapered blade. The drive knobs have a pair of compression washers that engage the edge of the blade. The drives are completely free of backlash and there is absolutely no lost motion in the knobs. It is a very elegant system.

The stage appears virtually unused. The upper surface is unblemished. The glass is completely unmarked

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