This is an older version of the S-stand. It features a 'hat-shaped' base approximately 10 inches in diameter with three bores for bolting the base to the work surface. The pillar is 12 inches tall with a vertical excursion range of 8.5 inches. The cross-knuckle includes a separate clamping support. The boom ihas been cut down from 20 inches in length to 10 inches, leaving only about 4 inches of travel. It is of heavy chrome plated steel. The boom accepts the pin mounts of the E-Arm carriers (0.625 inch diameter) with bores both parallel and perpendicular to the boom.

The stands are in decent condition with a crinkle gray finish. The pillars and booms do show evidence of corrosion and there are cosmetic blemishes in the paint finish, but they are structurally sound. Both of the plastic clamping knobs on the cross-knuckle are absent, but the clamping screws are still in place. These stands would be most suitable for application where the microscope does not have to be moved frequently.

Photo set 1841

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