This Leica GZ4 (the successor of the venerable Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom 4) has the same zoom range (0.7x to 3x) as the former instrument. The shroud and knobs are made of ESD plastic for safe use in clean room / semiconductor manufacture environments. The housing has a circular mounting ring that allows the instrument to turn on its optic axis.

The microscope has been checked for proper operation and alignment at the time of listing. The images are very crisp and clear. Also included is the focusing yoke with the standard 0.625 inch pin attachment. The knobs on both the focus drive and the zoom adjustment have yellowed a bit, as has the plastic housing of the instrument. This is more noticeable where some asset labels have been removed. Otherwise the instrument is in superb cosmetic condition.

Please note that no oculars (eyepieces) are included with this microscope. Tubes are 23 mm.

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