This is a variant of the KT-Stand from Bausch & Lomb. It uses an 8.75 by 12 inch Bakelite baseplate onto which is mounted a special focus drive with a holder for the pin-type E-arm or ER-arm. (The normal KT stand uses a 15.75 by 12 inch base). The pin carrier is mounted on a steel plate with a channel allowing the carrier to be moved independently of the rack & pinion drive. The rack & pinion provides approximately 2 inches of motion, with another 2 inches provided by the pin carrier clamp. Add to these motions the 2 inches of motion gained from the rack & pinion in the E-arm and you have a setup capable of examining very tall samples.

The stand is in excellent condition and includes the special clamping segments for the E-arm. The E-arm will need to be purchased separately. We have a large variety available.

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