This is a special version of the Diagnostic Instruments copy of the Bausch & Lomb 'S-stand'. The typical 10 inch square iron base has been replaced with a plate of aluminum 24 inches square and half and inch thick. All the upper edges and corners are generously radiused. The plate has been repainted with a black enamel. The original finish was not completely removed before repainting so the resulting finish has some extra relief to it, but it is decent in appearance.

The main pillar is 24 inches tall and 1.471 inches in diameter. It includes a stop ring for supporting the cross bar block. Both the stop ring and the block are 2 inches tall so the total vertical excursion range is 20 inches.

The boom is 19 inches long and likewise, 1.471 inches in diameter. It terminates in a holder for pin-type focus drives. Total excursion of the boom is 16 inches. There is a channel on the side of the boom that the clamp screw rides in, thus preventing the boom from rotating during adjustment.

All motions work very smoothly. Diagnostic Instruments use special plastic guide bushings within the clamping block allowing very tight tolerances while preserving the sliding finish of the components.

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