This is one of the examples of when a 'generic' copy of a classic item is better in some respects than the original. The overall dimensions of this stand are patterned after the Bausch & Lomb S-stand. There are some nice improvements, however. The sliding elements have a plastic sleeve so there is virtually no wear to the components and the tolerances are kept very tight. The supporting ring is also very substantial. Like the S-stand, the horizontal boom has a channel to prevent tipping during adjustments. The clamping knobs are very substantial and are much less likely to fail. The clamping bridge at the end of the boom is captive so one needn't worry about loss when no arm is installed. The boom accepts all standard pin-type accessories.

These stands are in excellent cosmetic condition and perfect functional condition. The bases do show blemishes in the paint finish.

Photo set 1811
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