This Bausch & Lomb S-Stand has become the industry-standard for many years. The base is 10 inches square with a 15.75 inch tall column 1.480 inches in diameter. The boom arm is 1.5 inches in diameter and 19 inches long. It terminates in a block with a vertical bore that accepts pin-type focus blocks such as the E-arm and ER-arm. The horizontal boom has a channel running its length that fits the end of the clamp screw so that it will not tip as it is being extended. The vertical column includes a clamping ring for supporting the cross-block.

The stands are in very good condition. The bases may have some blemishes in the paint, and the columns may show some wear in the chrome finish, but these are purely cosmetic issues. The horizontal boom includes the clamping segments that are often missing from end piece.

Photo set 1809

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