This boom stand is very nicely made and in exceptionally clean condition (looks almost unused). The cast base is 10 inches square and approximately 1.625 inches thick. The vertical column is 19.375 inches tall and 1.492 inches in diameter. There is a clamping support ring that supports the crossbar clamping block. The horizontal boom is 18.5 inches long with 15 inches of travel. Diameter of the boom was measured at 1.490 inches. The end of the boom has a parallel post of smaller dimensions that is adjustable over a range of 1.25 inches via a rack & pinion. This post carries a knuckle joint with an adjustable 29.93mm diameter post. The post is approximately 120mm long and has a keeper nut.

Also included with the boom stand is a focus drive with a rack & pinion travel of better than 2.5 inches. The center-to-center distance from the pin bore to the suport ring is 140mm. Although not shown in the photo, the support ring does include the clamping screw.

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