This unusual boom stand has a very thick (1.5 inch) laminated base with a steel plate inset on the under side for extreme rigidity and sustantial heft. The base is 20 inches deep and 17 inches in width. One of the feet is adjustable. The steel column is 36 inches tall and 1.312 inches in diameter. Although hollow for reduced weight, it is nonetheless very rigid.

The column includes an adjustable stop ring for supporting the outrigger boom. The boom consists of several parts. The primary section that rides on the vertical column has a four inch horizontal extension with a bore 0.875 inches in diameter. Into this is fitted an extension arm. The arm has a pin on either end 3.375 inches in length, one of which is fastened to the primary section and the other forming the terminus of the extension. The extension (without the pins) is 6.75 inches long. Interposed between the extension and the primary section is a long bar with several clamping positions (see third photo).

Condition of the stand is near-perfect just a slight bit of wear in evidence on the clamping bar.

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