This instrument appears to be patterned after one of the Motic or Unitron stereo microscope models. It is of recent vintage but is not currently in production. Construction is a bit more substantial than found on the SSZ model with all-metal ocular tubes. The magnification is adjustable from 0.7x to 4.5x, conveniently read from either of the zoom knobs. The body accepts 30mm diameter oculars, but none are included with the instrument.

A focus yoke is included that has a rack & pinion adjustment with a range of 50mm. The yoke is intended to be mounted on 25mm diameter pillars or rods. Center-to-center distance of the 25mm bore to the optic axis is 100mm. Yoke diameter is 83mm.

The instruments have been cleaned and alignment checked. Zoom is fully functional. The microscopes may have a few minor scuff marks but in general are in very fine condition.

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