This is an older version of the Scienscope boom stand. The system weighs almost 34 pounds but it includes an additional counter weight that adds another 10.25 pounds. The counterweight may either rest at the bottom of the vertical pillar, or it may be attached to the end of the horizontal boom. Dimensions of the stand are as follows:

Base 10 x 10 inches, 1.625 inches thick.
Pillar 31mm diameter, 15.5 inches tall
Boom 31mm diameter, 18 inches long
Boom travel 14.5 inches without weight (11 inches when weight is installed on boom)

On the end of the boom is an adjustable knuckle joint with a captive clamping lever. The diameter of the adjustable bar is 25mm, and it is approximately 150mm long. There is a stop plate on the end of the bar.

The stands are in very good condition and include an adjustable stop ring for the cross-bar holder.

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