This is an SSZ stereo microscope system that includes a standard focusing yoke, It does not include any oculars. The SSZ instrument is of recent manufacture and includes the following features.

30mm diameter ocular tubes
Zoom range of 0.67x to 4.5x (magnification of 6.7x to 45x if 10x oculars are used)
Capable of phototube adapter upgrade (part would need to be sourced elsewhere)
Focus range of travel 65mm

The focus drive includes a pin mount that is compatable with the Bausch & Lomb standard, allowing a great latitude of stand choices.

The microscopes have been cleaned and serviced although they may exhibit some minor cosmetic flaws. Alignment is good and zoom works properly throughout the range. The captive dust seals beneath the ocular tubes don't always stay in the channels that were created for them but they do not interfere with function.

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