CrystaLaser CL671-200-SO 200mW Red 671nm DPSS CW Laser with CL-2005 Power Supply
This unit has been tested by a technician and is running to specs.

Testing results:
- Connected laser head with power supply: successful
- Powered on laser head and power supply: successful
- Verified out put beam is TEM00-
- Verified output beam is .3mm
- Verified divergence specifications is good
- Checked all system functions

-Crystal Series DPSS
-Wavelength: 671nm
-Vertical polarization
-Laser optical power: 200mW
-Single longitudinal mode
-Power supply: CL-2005
-Manufacturer date: 2010
The Crystal series laser is a standard for compact DPSS lasers. These lasers have proven reliable performance in commercial and scientific applications.
The power supply model CL-2005 has adjustable power and digital display.

The lab which this system came from states it has fewer than 500 usage hours and is in perfect operating condition.

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