This Swift pillar stand includes a focusing yoke for a Model Eight Eighty stereo microscope. The stand is in superb condition. Overall height is 13.5 inches with a 25mm diameter 11 inch column. Vertical travel of 6 inches is possible. The 17.5 inch horizontal boom has a massive fixed counterweight. On the opposite end is an unusual horizontal knuckle joint with clamp screw. Greater than 7 inches of horizontal travel are possible. The focus yoke is installed using a standard 0.625 inch pin. It has a rack and pinion drive with 70mm excursion and a 64mm diameter clamping ring.

Also included is a small lamphouse that fits into an adjustable inclination holder within the focus yoke. The lamphouse does not include a transformer. The lead set from the socket is equipped with standard banana plugs. The lamp is a standard 6V 20W GE 778 halogen bulb. The socket appears to be in perfect condition.

The model Eight-Eighty microscope that came with the stand has a completely frozen zoom mechanism and the alignment is slightly out, therefore we are selling this stand along with the illuminator separately. It is in near perfect cosmetic condition but will require a great deal of work to repair. If you have an interest in the microscope pod please inquire. We would be willing to sell it as-is.

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