Thorlabs PTR12109 UltraPlus Series Optical Table 96 x 49.5 x 12.2 Inches
Nice Condition !
1/4-20 threaded holes 1" OC.
Proprietary Tuned and Broadband Damping.
Construction-Triple Plated, Double HoneyComb Core
Main Core- High-Density, Plated Steel Honeycomb
Dynamic Deflection Coefficient, Top & Bottom Plates- Matched materials for Athermalized design, Magnetic Stainless Stell, 5mm thick.
Top Plate is brush finished
Sides-Black, Laminated-Steel Sides. Slightly inset.
Thorlabs has always offered the highest level of surface flatness available, high dynamic stiffness, and low relative tabletop motion.
This table's vibration isolation system assists with having the most stable and disturbance-free work space possible.
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