This is a GW 6.3x ocular for use in the 'super-wide-field' viewing tubes as found in the Leitz Orthoplan and MM-5 and 6 research microscopes. It is the original 'chimney' style with the tapered chrome barrels. The ocular was removed from the large projection screen built into an MM-5 research metallograph. As a consequence of its location, it was never touched - the glass is perfect as are the cosmetics. The Locktite that had been used to secure the eye lens in the proper position for screen focus has been removed and new Leitz lubricant applied to the helical threads. For all practical purposes, the lens is in 'unused' condition. Focus motion works perfectly.

The ocular has a barrel diameter of 30mm and a field-of-view index of 28mm (this is the diameter of the observed object field when using a 1x objective).

Photo set 1607

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