This is a rare pair of high-eyepoint focusing GW 8x oculars intended for use in the ultra-wide-field instruments of 170mm mechanical tube length. These include the Leitz Orthoplan (Metalloplan), the MM-5 and MM-6 inverted metallographs, and some other specialized instruments that utilize the 30mm diameter viewing tubes.

These lenses have a field-of-view index of 28mm (the diameter of the observable object field that would seen when using a 1x objective lens). They both include threaded retaining rings for 24mm diameter reticles.

These lenses are in near-perfect condition. The only blemish I could find was a bright spot on one of the focusing knurls. The glass appears to be perfect in all respects. Neither ocular includes the threaded rubber eye guard. This pair sold for $1850 in 1990.

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