The Kodak Motomatic 35 is a unique 35mm zone-focus camera made by Kodak between 1960-62. They then came out with the Motormatic 35F with a built-in flash which they sold from 1962-67. It was designed to be a simple camera for the average person. The user would set the shutter-speed, but the camera would set the aperture automatically..

What's unique about this camera is the spring-wind motor. It requires film in the camera to engage. Once you put in film and wind up the motor, you can shoot 5-7 frames in quick succession before you have to wind the motor more. The camera has a maximum firing rate of about 2 fps.

The camera is zone-focus. In the viewfinder, CLOSE - GROUP -SCENE appear so you know where you're focusing.

The camera takes flash bulbs which can be pushed into a socket that pops up out of the top of the camera. All in all, it's a well-designed.

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