This is a Ball Aerospace Systems - Turbo pump station.

The pumping station consists of a Phieffer/Balzers TPU050 Turbo Pump w/ Model TCP121 Turbo pump controller. The Turbo is backed by a Pheiffer/Balzers Model DUO 1.5A mechanical pump. A liquid Nitrogen cold trap is mounted on top of the turbo pump. It is supplied with a JC Controls LN2 liquied level controller. An electropnuematic gatevalve isolates the pumping stack from the stainless steel user interface cross with 4.5 conflat flanges. The turbo pump foreline pressure is monitored via a Granville Phillips Modle 275 analog gauge. The cross pressure is monitored by a Granville Phillips Model 280 Ion Gauge controller and nude ion gauge tube. A manual vent valve is supplied to vent the cross back to atmoshphere. The system is supplied with a compressed air regulator. This system has been tested with the exception of the LN2 liquid level controller as we do not have liquid nitrogen on hand to do so. The unti runs on 120 vac and needs compressed air to run the gatevalve. One of the wheels on the unit needs replacing and the Ion Gauge controller "Fillament On/Off" toggle switch is sticky, but still works. User interface connections are 4.5" conflat flangess, one is supplied with a 4.5" CF to NW40 adaptor and the other is with a 4.5" to 2.75"CF zero length adaptor.

This is a complete pumping system and isideal for a testing department or laboratory.

This unit has been tested and is working properly.

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